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-ais, pl -an & toimhsean, sm Measure, measurement, dimension. 2 Weight. 3 Balance, scale. 4 Survey. 5 Mensuration. 6 Measuring, act of measuring. 7 Guessing, act of guessing or solving, as a riddle. 8** Riddle. 9** Hint. 13** Mode in music. 11 Moderation. 12 Weighing. 13 Surveying. A' tomhas, pr pt of tomhais. Gabh mo thomhas, take my measure; dé an tomhas a th' ann? what is its measurement? slat-thomhais, a measuring-wand; thar tomhais, beyond measure or moderation; soitheach-tomhais, a measuring vessel; tomhas-dùbailte, a double measure; tomhas cruithneachd, a measure of wheat. There is a feat still practised by boys in the Highlands in climbing a tree — standing on tiptoe, they touch a certain branch with their caman and then spring up to get a grip of the place so marked out. This is a' tomhas leuma.

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