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prep pron (roimh + thu) Before you (sing). 2 Previous to you. 3 In your contemplation or intention. 4 At you. 5 Of you. 6 With you. 7 In opposition to you. 8 In preference to you. Bithidh mise romhad fhathast, I will be upsides with you yet — you have done me an ill turn but I will pay you off yet; is beag eagal a tha aige romhad, little does he dread you; dé a tha thu a' cur romhad? what do you intend to do? tha mi a' cur romham sin a dhèanamh, I am determined to do that; gabh romhad, go about your business, begone! abair romhad or labhair romhad, say on; a bheil romhad thu fhéin a mhilleadh? do you mean to ruin yourself?

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