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-aig, -an, sf Pulpit. 2 Round top of a Mast. 3 Cross-trees of a ship. 4 Hamper. 5 Fillet used of old in dressing a woman's hair, snood. 6* Chum. 7 Bar, in law. 8‡‡ Mill-clapper. 9‡‡ Hollow of a shield. 10‡‡ Kind of wicker or wooden frame suspended over the fire, on which fir-roots used for candles are set to dry. 11(AH) Fortified island in a lake, partly natural and partly artificial. [An ancient artificial islet on Loch Tollie, Poolewe, is called A' Chrannag]. 12 Applied to many kinds of wooden structures in Gaeldom. 13 Boat. Crannag air a stiùradh leis a' ghaoith, a boat steered by the wind

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