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-aich, sm Old or churlish man. 2 Rustic, countryman. 3 Sorry fellow. 4 Meanness of spirit, niggardliness. 5 Mutchkin, liquid measure a little less than Imperial pint. 6 Spectre. 7 Cod-fish. 8AF Lesser seal. 9‡‡ Familiar term in addressing a youth. 10(JM) originally married man without family. 11 A crofting community. Rev. J. Sinton, Celt. Mag. xii 296, wrote Bidh sìol bidh fodar... bidh siud aig na bodaich, there will be seed, there will be straw... there will be there at the community. Chan eil e 'na bhodach, he is not a churl; bodach uisge-beatha, a mutchkin of whisky (half a bottle — the mean man would grudge to buy a whole one. It was "biatach a' bhotail," the man who divided the bottle among his friends that was praised of old. JM) beiridh na bodaich ort, the bogies will lay hold of you; is e a chuireadh am bodach á fear a bhitheadh teann, it (whisky) would drive meanness out of a miser or churl; sliob bodach is sgròbaidh e thu, buail bodach is thig e gu do làimh, stroke a churl and he will scratch you, strike him and he will come to your hand; bodach leth bhaireach, the half-goal man, the odd one who has to change sides when his side wins, an individual between two bands of players ; gean a' bhodaich — ás a bhroinn, the churl's suavity off his stomach — this seems to mean that the churlish, greedy old man is never pleased except when his belly is well filled with good things; is tric a bha suaib chuthaich air leanabh bodaich, there was often a touch of madness on an old man's child.

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