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gen cuidhle-, sf Spinning-wheel.
Parts of a spinning-wheel:
1 Teic, seic, †† flyer. Séicle — Uist.
2 Maighdeanan, gàirdeanan, sing maighdeag & maideig.
3 Iuchair na cìche, nave.
4 Rolan, wheel which turns the flyer. Rathan — Poolewe (WC).
5 Piorna, [pùirne,] pirn, reel.
6 Bann beag, little hand. [A' bhann bheag, (sf) in Poolewe (WC)].
7 Dealgan, spindle.
8 Cluas na cuidhle, ears, rests of leather fixed to maighdeanan and through which dealgan an t-seic revolve. [A' chluasag — Poolewe (WC).
9 Iuchair, key.
10 Beairt mheadhan, bar.
11 Stoc, main body.
12 Com, body.
13 Aisnean, aisnichean, ribs or spokes of large wheel.
14 Iuchair, pin for tightening bann beag.

Parts as shown in Illustration 246:
1 Bann mór, driving-belt or band of large wheel. [A' bhann mhòr (sf) in Poolewe (WC)].
2 Réim, rim of large wheel.
3 Na h-eich, supports of large wheel.
4 Maide-siubhail, claidheamh, connecting rod, one end of which is attached to the crank of the large wheel and the other to the foot-board. An t-amadan — (WC).
5 Deil, crank. Deil is aisil, crank and axle of large wheel.
6 Aiseil an-t-seic, axle of flyer.
7 Bann beag, little band, regulating string to prevent pirn from revolving. [sf —Poolewe].
8 Roileinean, rollers.
9 Teic, seic, flyer.
10 Maighdeanan, gàirdeanan, supporters of flyer, resting on beairt-mheadhan.
11 Sùil na cuidhle, eye, hole in the axle, through which the unspun wool passes.
12 Clòimh, wool.
13 Snàth, thread wound on pirn.
14 Beairt-mheadhan, bar on which the maighdean rests.
15 Stoc, com na cuidhle, maide-buinn, body.
16 Iuchair na cìche, key in form of a handle projecting from end of body.
17 Stol-cois, seòl-cois, lobht, foot-board. Siol-caise (JM); cleasachan.
18 Casan, legs.
19 Cìoch, round piece of wood, that attaches the thread-making part to the body.
20 Roth na cuidhle, flywheel.
21 Bann nam maighdeanan, cord tying the tops of the supports (maighdeanan) and to which the bann beag is attached.
22 Glas, lock.
23 Dealgan na teic, spindle of flyer.
24 Bior na banna bige, the tension-key, for regulating the fineness of the thread (WC).
25 Fiaclan na teic, the teeth of the flyer.
[We are indebted to Mr. D. Murray, Aberdeen, for many of above terms and to Mr. M. MacDonald, Stornoway, for terms and diagrams].

Additonal Parts of a Spinning-wheel:
1 Aisil, sf Axle of driving-wheel.
2 Aisil an t-seic, sf, see dealgan na teic, spindle of flyer.
3 Bann nam maighdeanan, sm band or cord stretched between the top of the supports of the flyers.
4 Bòrd-coise, sm Foot-board.
5 Casan, sm Foot board or treadle.
6 Cìoch, sf Nave or hub of driving-wheel.
7 Cìr an t-seic, sf Teeth of the flyers.
8 Cleasan, s Connecting rod. Skye.
9 Crangaid, sf Crank of driving-wheel.
10 Crann-gleusaidh, sm Nave or key. No. 16.
11 Crò an dealgain, sm Eye through which the wool enters.
12 Crò na fearsaid, sm Eye through which the wool enters also.
13 Cuilean, sm Spoke of the driving wheel. Skye.
14 Deil, sf Crank and axle.
15 Each, s Frame bearing the flyers and standard or bearer of the driving wheel also.
16 Fearsaid an t-seic, sm Teeth of the flyers.
17 Fiaclan an t-seic, spl Teeth of the flyers.
18 Gàirdeanan, spl Supporters of flyer, resting on beairt-mheadhan, No. 10.
19 Gruagach, sf Bar on which the maighdeanan rest. No. 14.
20 Iarann-siubhal, sm Axle of driving wheel.
21 Iteachan, sm Reel or bobbin.
22 Maide-buinn, sm Stock.
23 Maighdean, sf Standard or bearer of the driving-wheel.
24 Maighdeag, sf Another name for maighdean, No. 10.
25 Marcach, sm Standard or bearer of the driving wheel also.
26 Réim, sf Driving wheel. Wester Ross. 2 Grooved rim of the driving wheel.
27 Roithleagan, sm Wheel which turns the flyer. See rolan. sm No. 4, Ill. 245.
28 Roithlean, sm Wheel which turns the flyer also.
29 Seal-coise, sm Foot-board.
30 Seotal, sm Small receptacle in the stock. Shuttle hollow in the stock of a spinning-wheel, in which the first filled pirn or bobbin is kept until the other is ready for being reeled with it.
31 Snàthad an t-seic, sf Spindle of flyer. See dealgan na teic, sm No. 23.
32 Uilleadh-cuibhleach, sm Oil for spinning-wheels - Arran

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