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-aidh, sm Softening, mollifying. 2 Steeping, dipping. 3* Moistening. 4* State of sticking fast in the mire. 5 Wagging, bobbing. 6** Softness, tenderness. 7** Mellowness. 8(DC) Floating. Tha an eithear a’ bogadh, the boat is afloat - Uist; chaidh a' bhó am bogadh, the cow stuck fast in the mire; a' bogadh a earbaill, wagging his tail; is mithich a bhith a' bogadh nan gad, it is time to be steeping the withes, (This saying means ''it is time to be going," and applied to the time when withes of osier, &c. were used for fastenings of harness. These would become dry and brittle if laid by for a time and would require steeping for a while before taking to horse. — N.G.P). A' bogadh, pr pt of bog.

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