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mireag nan cruach

sf Uist game — a more advanced form of the game “tig,” which is played in harvest time round the hay and cornstacks, the passages among which give splendid opportunities of hiding. When the signal is given, the chaser comes round the stacks after the other players and as each one is found, he is out of the game till they are all discovered, when the first to be caught is made hunter for the next round. The signal for this game to begin is the shout of “Mhalaic nan cruach.” This is a combination of “hide and seek” and “tig” for the players hide round the stacks, but it is not enough for the searcher to see them, as in “hide and seek,” he must touch them, as in “tig.” On the other hand, those caught are out of the game till all are caught, when the first caught becomes the chaser — Uist Games in Celtic Review No 16 [Called “Cur nan Sgiobag” in Lewis — DMy].

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