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aoin, a One. 2 Alone. 3 Same. 4 Only. 5 Ace. [Aspirates noun following except one beginning with D, T or S]. Aon bhean, one woman; aon eile, one other; aon sam bith, anyone; gun aon eile, without any other; bithidh sibhse mar mise aon latha, you shall be as I am (one day) some day or other; aon seach aon, neither one nor the other — cha toigh leam aon seach aon dhiubh, I like neither one nor the other, used in a negative sense only — AH; aon seach aon, one from another - aithnichidh e aon seach aon dhiubh, he will know one from another of them; m' aon chearc, my only hen; is aon ni e, it is all the same; is esan an t-aon duine airson sin, he is the best man in the world for that; 's e fhéin an t-aon duine, it is he himself that rules the roast, i.e. he is cook, mate, and steward; trì làithean bha e 'na aon (aonar), three days he was all alone; gach aon, everyone; a lìon aon is aon, one by one; mar aon, united, hand in hand; gun aon duine, without a single individual; anns an aon taigh ruinne, in the same house with us; san aon luing, in the same ship; do dh'aon seach a chéile, to one more than the other; aon a thàinig a-steach, an individual that came in; tha mac an t-aon aca, they have a son each.

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