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-a, -an, sm Series, class, order, row, rank, stratum, layer. 2 Issue. 3 Round, circle. 4(AH) Reef in a sail. 5(AF) Herd, troop, flock. 6** Swathe, as of grass. 7 Drill or row of potatoes. 8** Long line. 9(DU) Line of printing, print. 10(DU) Furrow. Tha e a' cur feamainn san t-sreath, he puts seaware in the furrow; sreath aghaidh or sreath beòil, the van or front rank of an army; sreath meadhan, centre rank; sreath chùl, the rear rank; an dà shreath, in two rows; le sreathaibh, with rows (of jewels). On stated occasions of carousal it was customary among the Gael of old to sit in a circle, which they called sreath. The cupbearer filled the cup to the brim at every round and however potent the liquor might be, it was cleared off at a draught. These scenes of intemperance often lasted for three days and it was deemed effeminate in anyone to retire sober. At such drinking matches it was usual for two men to be in attendance at the door with a litter, to carry off to bed every individual as he fell senseless from his chair — ** [sf *]

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