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-aidh, -aidhean, sm Appearance, shape, form, resemblance, likeness. 2 Pattern, sample, copy, antitype. 3 Apparition, spectre, ghost. 4 Proverb, byword. 5 Example. 6 Allegory. 7 Act of “evening.” 8 Resembling, comparing, comparison, analogy, similitude. 9 Slender person. 10 Simile in grammar. Samhladh na h-altarach, the pattern of the altar; samhladh nam briathar fallain, the form of sound words; baoth-shamhladh nam marbh, the dread apparition of the dead; is trian suirghe samhladh, to be evened, or coupled in conversation at a likely match is a third of courtship.

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