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-éith & -éithe, pl. -an, sf Wing, pinion. 2 Wing of a house or army. 3 Portion of land jutting into the sea. 4 Shelter, protection. 5 Shield, buckler, target. 6 Bilge-piece in boat, see bàta, F 8, p. 73. 7 Furrow-board of a plough. 8 Top sides or floats of a cart. 9 pl. (na sgiathan) Caithness for liaghra, which see. 10 Side-wing of a boat, see p. 77. Sgiath-mhuilinn-gaoithe, fan of a windmill — small circular apparatus at back to keep the sails to the wind; sgiath faochaig, the disc which forms the door of a whelk {operculum}; fo do sgéith, under your wing; le 'sgiath 's le 'chlogaid, with his shield and his helmet; feadh bholg a sgéith, around the boss of his shield.

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