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comp of mór. Larger, largest. 2 Greater, greatest. Is esan as motha, he is the greatest; cha mhotha orm thu 's an cù, I do not value you more than a dog; dé is motha orm-sa thu? what do I care for you? cha mhotha a nì mi e, neither will I do it; is motha e na sin, it is greater than that; cha mhotha leam dé a their thu is beagan, I care miserably little for what you say; bhon aon as lugha gus an aon as motha, from the least to the greatest; is motha e na gach aon, he is greater than all; cha mhotha orm, I don't like; I care not; guma motha a nì sibh, may you do more; cha mhotha na thu fhéin a gheibheadh e, none but a friend like yourself would get it; nas motha agus nas motha, or ni bu mhotha 's ni bu mhotha, greater and greater; nas motha na mise, taller than I; (2) any more than me. In Arran, is motha tha 's nach eil, is a common formula of reply to questions answered with yes or no and has the force of a modified or qualified assent, e.g. in reply to Are you tired? it means “a little,” the phrase 's motha seadh 's no nach seadh, is similarly used.

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