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-e & uarach, pl -ean & -eannan, sf Hour, any given space of time. 2 Time of day or night, a time. 3 Life, one's lifetime. 4 Alloted hour of one's death. 5 Weather. 6 Opportunity, on a time, at another time, one time, once, once on a time, occasion. 7 Season. 8 Rotation. Aon uair, one o' clock, one hour; mu uair an uaireadair, about an hour; leth-uair an déidh uair (not an déidh aon uair) half past one; 'dé an uair a tha e? what time is it? mu dhà uair, about two o' clock; eadar a h-aon 's a dhà, between one and two; uair sam bith, any time; na h-uile uair, at all times; an uair mu dheireadh, the last time; a' chiad uair, at first, the first time; 's e seo m' uair-sa, this is my turn (or rotation); tha uair air, he is subject to fits of good humour or generosity; air uairibh, sometimes; an ceart uair, the very time, immediately; gach uair, at all times; uair eile, at another time; uair éiridh iad gu nèamh, uair théid iad gu doimhne sìos, one time they mount to the skies, another they sink to the abyss; thug mi i an uaigneas uair, I brought her apart once; uair a rinn mi sin, once I did that; rinn e sin uair is uair, he did that repeatedly; cia lìon uair a thig e? how many times will he come? 'na uaireannan, sometimes; nì mi e uair air an uair, I will do it immediately; uair mu seach, alternately, in rotation; an uair gàbhaidh, in time of danger; an uair òir, aurora; an uair, when; 's fheàrr uair de bhean an taighe na obair-latha ban-òglaich, better an hour of the mistress than a day's work of the servant — the difficulty of getting good domestic servants thus seems to have been as great in the Highlands as elsewhere, even in Nicolson's time.

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