Am Faclair Beag

Faclair Gàidhlig is Beurla le Dwelly 'na bhroinn
An English - Scottish Gaelic dictionary incorporating Dwelly

Dèan lorg airson
Roghainnean an luirg
  Cuir an òrdugh a-rèir
 toraidhean air an aon duilleag
Clas an fhacail

Toraidhean an Fhaclair Bhig
udal /udəL/
fir. gin. udail
1 (act of) tottering, shaking 2 (act of) dangling 3 (act of) tossing 4 (act of) floating 5 (act of) floundering 6 (act of) oscillating, fluctuating 7 state of dependency 8 state of abandonment
udail /udəL/
gn. ag. udal
1 totter, shake! 2 dangle! 3 toss! 4 float! 5 flounder! 6 oscillate, fluctuate!
ùdail /uːdal/
fir. iol. -ean
1 churl, inhospitable person 2 udalman 3 (with def. art.) the udal
air udal o rud gu rud
wavering between two things
Bealach Udal
Bealach Udal (Highld)
An t-Ùdal /əN tuːdəL/
The Udal (W Isls)
udal cuain
act of being tossed about/buffeted by the ocean
tha Seòras air udal
1 George is dependent on others 2 George is uncared for, nobody is caring for George
rach air udal
begin to totter/shake/dangle/float/flounder/oscillate/fluctuate!
lagh ùdail
udal law
Toraidhean Dwelly
-ail, sm Distress. 2 Jeopardy. 3 Tossing. 4 Floating. 5 Moving, dangling, wavering, còrr
pr pt ag udal, va Cause to totter or shake. 3 Remove, cause to remove. 4 Float. 5 còrr
see udal.
see udal.
* see udal.