Am Faclair Beag

Faclair Gàidhlig is Beurla le Dwelly 'na bhroinn
An English - Scottish Gaelic dictionary incorporating Dwelly

Dèan lorg airson
Roghainnean an luirg
  Cuir an òrdugh a-rèir
 toraidhean air an aon duilleag
Clas an fhacail

Toraidhean an Fhaclair Bhig
gnothach /grõ.əx/ Listen
fir. gin. -aich, iol. -aichean
1 business, concern (organisation) 2 business, matter (affair) 3 (pl.) messages (i.e. groceries) 4 errand 5 thing, matter
dèan an gnothach air
get the better of him!
gnothach cam
lopsided affair
cha dèanadh seo an gnothach
1 that wouldn't do (the trick) 2 that wouldn't be suitable 3 that wouldn't suffice/be enough
cuir air gnothach
send on an errand!
air cheann-gnothaich
on an errand, on business
cha bhi cuid no gnothach agam riut
I will have absolutely nothing to do with you
a dh'aona-gnothach /ə 'ɣɯnə 'grõ.əx/
co-ghn. neo-ath.
deliberate(ly), express(ly), intentional(ly), purposely, on purpose
gnothach cugallach
risky affair/undertaking
gabh gnothach air bheag suim
treat a matter as if of little consequence!
gabh gnothach ris a' chogadh
interfere with the war!
a' gabhail gnothach ris an iomairt
interfering with the campaign
fir. gin. ⁊ iol. cinn-ghnothaich
's e gnothach nàire a th' ann
it's a disgrace
nì e an gnothach dhomh-sa
it'll do me, that's do the trick for me
gnothach athainneach
a sorry/unfortunate affair
gnothach sam bith eile
any other business (AOB)
thig gnothach na bànrigh a thaigh nan cearc
the king('s errand) may come in the cadger's gait (fig.)
cha mhór nach eil gnothach latha leat
the day is almost over, you've almost made it through the day (fig.)
an déidh gnothach Là L
after that D-Day affair
gnothach an t-saoghail
wordly possessions, earthly goods
tha de dhotaireas agad fhéin a nì an gnothach
your knowledge of medicine will suffice
nach e sin an gnothach?
isn't that just it, isn't it just so?
daoine dhan aithne an gnothach
those who know
chan eil ann ach gnothach gun dòigh a bhith a' bruidhinn air
it is no use talking about it (as it can't be done)
Toraidhean Dwelly
-aich, -aichean, sm Business, avocation. 2 Affair, matter, circumstance. 3 Errand. 4 Call of còrr
a Certain. 2 Particular, peculiar, special. 3 Proper, expedient. 4 Worthy, generous. 5 còrr
-aiche, a Hasty, impatient, hurried, in haste, causing haste, requiring haste. 2 Abrupt. còrr
-aich, sm Hire, price, wages. 2 Purchase, purchasing, buying. 3** Bargain. 4 Reward. 5 còrr
-eiche, a Foreign, strange. 2 Shy. 3 Barbarous. 4 Fierce, cruel. 5 Wrathful. 6* còrr
pl. –achan, sm Heart. 2** Understanding. 3 Courage. 4‡‡ Centre. 5‡‡ Kind of buckle. 6 còrr
-riche, a Hasty, in haste, speedy, expeditious. 2 Causing hurry or despatch. 3 còrr
-a, a Worthy, valuable. 2 Good. 3 Deserving. 4 Proper. prov. Chan fhiach seo, còrr
pr pt a' fulang, va Suffer, endure. 2 Permit, allow. 3 Bear. Fulaing dhomh, permit còrr
-aiche, a. Insignificant, trifling, of little worth, valueless, not valuable, paltry, abject, còrr
-a & -ùigh, pl. -an, sm Juice, sap, moisture. 2 Sense, meaning. 3 Wave, billow. 4 còrr
-eiche, a Lonesome, solitary, retired. 2 Secret, private. 3 Deserted, retired. 4 Dull, còrr
pr pt a' gabhail, va & n.
Some idiomatic connections of
gabh grouped under còrr
a [& deilbh,] -an, sm Image. 2 Statue. 3 Picture, delineation. 4 Photograph. 5 còrr
-a, a. Poor. 2 Needy. 3 Wretched. 4 Sick, sickly. 5 Sail. 3 Lean, lank. 7 Dear. Nì làmh na còrr
-e, a. Lazy, indolent, slothful. 2 Loath, reluctant, unwilling. Duine leisg, an indolent còrr
-aiche, a Ragged, imperfect in dress. 2 Awkward, clumsy. 3 Not neat, not compact, còrr
-imh, -an, sf Meeting. 2 Assembly, convention. 3 Interview. 4 Facing. 5 Opposing. 6 còrr
-aiche, a. Sad, sorrowful, melancholy, enduring sadness, grievous. Muladach a ghnàth, còrr
prep On, upon. 2 Of, concerning. 3 For, on account of. 4 By. 5 With. 6 Also signifying the còrr
pr pt a' cur [& a' curadh, **] va Put, place. 2 Lay. 3 Send. 4 Invite. 5 Sow. 6 còrr
prep. Before, in respect of situation or place. 2 Before, in respect of time. 3 Above, in còrr
-ais, sm Regularity, order, perfectness. 2 Good or becoming appearance. 3 Elegance, gloss, còrr
pr pt a' socrachadh, va & n. Establish, fix, make firm or steady. 2 còrr
a. & pt pt of sònraich. Specific, special, notable, particular, novel. 2 Appointed, còrr